Greyhounds 12 Location

Who are Time & Again?

Time & Again Theatre Company are based in Manchester and formed in the summer of 2017 as a new young theatre company wishing to explore all things historical in ways that are fresh and relevant for today.

“Greyhounds manages to capture the historical tale – life on the 1940s home front – with human experience (love, loss, unfilled potential) and merges these with political themes that are extremely relevant to modern life – the notion of ‘the other’, the morality of war and how society treats those with mental health conditions.” – Northern Soul

Time & Again brings to life new writing set in days gone by or tales from long ago, revamped and revitalised for a modern world.

Why is history important?

We can’t begin to understand the world we’re living in today without understanding the events and people that shaped it. Exploring the past allows us to spot patterns in human behaviour and see how the smallest of events can bring about the greatest of changes. History helps us to learn from our mistakes and gives us a sense of identity. Some events shouldn’t be forgotten. Some stories need to be remembered and passed on. History inspires future generations. History warns us when things start to go wrong. History helps us to strive to be better.

Why do this now?

We have noticed a trend in theatre at the moment, particularly new writing, for plays that are set on the very cutting edge of now. This is hugely important, of course, and creates some wonderfully compelling work, but we are saddened by the lack of support for stories set longer ago. It’s very disheartening to see so many established spaces that support new writing and creative exploration to starkly say “no plays with a historical setting” in their guidelines, as though this instantly makes them dusty, dull, and irrelevant. We are rebelling against this idea. We want to show how much scope there is within this ‘genre’ – the vintage, historical and antiquarian – and be proud of, and knowledgable about, the roots of our world.

We’re not dusty or dull. We’re actually pretty hot – just look at us being moody in front of that Hurricane – and we put on a cracking play too! Don’t believe us? Click here to read a few of our reviews!