The year is 1913 and women are rising up…

Amidst the flock of pioneers fighting to rule the skies, Winifred Baxter is determined to become the first Englishwoman to enter an air race and fly right around the country!

In the open fields of Moorhanger Grange, Freddie learns to take to the skies during Britain’s last glorious summer, weathering the chaos of friends and family, the suffragette movement, a glorious garden party and far too much nephology – the study of clouds.

Following on from the success of Greyhounds, this is the second play by new, young writer, Laura Crow, combining the suffocating society of pre-war Britain with a touch of comedy, early feminism, and pure vintage flair!

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Clouds, directed by Jacqueline Wheble, premiered at the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival in July 2019, where it won the Coliseum Pick of the Fringe Award. This led to it transferring to the main stage of the Oldham Coliseum in September 2019.

Clouds ran at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, at theSpace on the Mile, 7.55pm, 2nd – 17th August 2019.

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